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Clubs and Associations

Arabic Club

To provide opportunities for the BYU community to become better acquainted with our Arab students on campus.

BYU Marriott Inclusion in Business Student Society

The purpose of this organization is to foster an environment where every member of the BYU Marriott community is valued, empowered and supported in reaching their individual potential, consistent with the mission and aims of BYU and the BYU Marriott School of Business

Chinese Student and Scholar Association

To serve Chinese-descent students and scholars in promoting happiness, harmony and unity in Chinese community and to support a friendly and nurturing environment at BYU by sharing our oriental heritage and facilitating international culture exchange.

Filipino Club

To introduce various Filipino values and culture to the BYU community. To increase camaraderie among members.

Haitian Creole Club

We are an on-campus club that celebrates the language, culture, and people of Haiti. We strive to look for opportunities to serve the Haitian community.

Hispanos Unidos

An official club for BYU students of Hispanic/Latin origin and everyone with desires to learn and celebrate Hispanic/Latino culture.

International Student Association

To represent the collective interest of all international students attending Brigham Young University in matters which affect them.

Korean Student Association

At Brigham Young University, There are a lot of Korean students. But it is not easy to have relationships, share our information, and have common culture.

Pacific Islanders Club

The vision of the Polynesian club is first, to spread and facilitate cultural awareness on campus through various meetings and activities that highlight Polynesian customs, values, and beliefs.

South Asian Student Association

The South Asian Student Association (SASA) at Brigham Young University has a purpose of providing a uniting basis from which people explore the cultural heritage of South Asia, and its people.

Taiwanese Student Association

The Taiwanese Student Association (TSA) at Brigham Young University is a non-political student organization.

Vietnamese Student Association

Stay United. As Vietnamese students at BYU -- Underneath everything we are, underneath everything we do, we all are a necessary part of this association -- a part of this big family at BYU.

Women of Color

The purpose of this club is to provide support and mentorship to BYU women of color.

Andean Student Association

To help students be prepared to go forth and serve, we plan to help students, particularly those from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela, gain experience and connections while still at university so that they may better help their own country and people.

Black Student Union

For the purposes of intellectually, socially, and culturally enriching the BYU community, the Black Student Union promotes academic achievement and intellectual pursuit, cultivates dynamic leadership, and strives to eliminate social barriers for all.

Finnish Club

To provide cultural experiences related to Finnish and Finnish-speaking cultures.

Latino Club

The purpose of the BYU Latino Club is to provide with social and cultural activities for all students, promote educational resources, and render service to the Latino community in Provo.

Luso-Brazilian Association

Create a community that fosters cultural, academic, religious, and professional ties with Brazil.

Tribe of Many Feathers

Tribe of Many Feathers Club promotes an awareness and appreciation for all diverse cultures and heritages at Brigham Young University; this includes Native American students from the United States and Canada.

Urdu Club

To help teach and expose BYU students to the Urdu language as well as Indian and Pakistani culture.

BYU Interfaith Student Association

The BYU Student Interfaith Academic Club helps students gain experience in interfaith activities by learning best practices from practitioners, scholars, and leaders.

Comparative Literature Student Association

The Comparative Literature Students’ Association (CLSA), founded in 1988, exists to promote excellence among Comparative Literature majors, as well as other interested students, at Brigham Young University.

Latinos in Action BYU Chapter

The mission of Latinos In Action (a national organization) is to, "empower Latino youth to lead and strengthen their communities.